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in 1930 the average wages were $27,481*
in 2012 the average wages were $44,321

in 1930 the average home cost $53,635*
in 2013 the average home cost $289,500

in 1930 the average car cost $8,369*
in 2013 the average car cost $31,352

but no you are probably right, it’s just twenty-somethings being lazy.

You misplaced the decimal point for the 1930s costs. Av car was $836, etc.

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I think Stars are pretty damn underrated, love both of mine and will probably grab some more in the future.

Star M43 - the perfect little 9mm nightstand gun. Got it off a classmate for a steal.

Star 1921 - a bit of an oddball. Chambers 9mm largo and 38 super, wonky size grip for a 1911 style handgun but it’s a fun shooter!

Agreed, STARs are totally underrated.

One of my favorites is the Star Super. Excellent gun!

Five Guns I Will Never Own


This is apparently a meme on the gun blogs. Ok, here goes:

A new M4: Because it’s illegal.

A Glock 18: Because it’s illegal

A Cane Gun/Pen Gun/Novelty Gun: Because the novelty factor isn’t worth the PITA it is to get one.

A new minigun: Because it’s illegal and, you know, I couldn’t afford…

If you live in the USA, fully automatic firearms are not “illegal” to own. The process to legally own one is lengthy and costly but not impossible. You have to submit a “Form 4” to the federal government along with a $200 tax. Wait 6 to 9 months for approval. Then buy your exorbitantly priced transferable fully automatic firearm for $5000 and up.